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Voodoo is called with various names in different countries. Few of the names are Voudou or Vaudou or Vodun etc. And people who practice Voodoo are called as Vodouists the meaning of which is servants of spirts. Voodoo is a religion originated from Africa.


Vodouists believe in supreme power that is called Bondye. They say and believe that Bondye is most superior power and is responsible for all the Voodoo Spells that work for them. They say and believe that Bondye does not help them directly but there are powerful spirits who serve and obey Bondye called Loa; and the vodouists worship these spirits who are responsible in manifesting the spell and accepting their wishes.


Voodoo priest is called Hougans and Voodoo priestess is Called Mambos.


Now it is very important that you may understand how Vodouists works and what are his beliefs before spell casting. Saulat Magic Spells Cast different type spells like Magic Spells, Love Spells, White Magic Spells, Money Spells, Black Magic SpellsLottery Spells, which will be useful in life, business, relationships, financial problems.


Vodouists believes that there are two worlds one is the real world and the other is the powerful invisible world. They believe that we are living in this real world and when we die our spirits travel to this invisible world and so they are always around us and always guiding us. Thus these two worlds are always connected with each other. And so while spell casting they always believe that these spirits are always helping us and guiding us in manifesting the spell. Besides these spirits there is one more spirits called the Loa.


Loa are the powerful spirits that determines or describes the characteristics of the person.
And it is very important for a Voodooism to keep in constant communication with the Loa as this is required for spell casting, This is the reason various types of ceremonies are done like dancing or singing, keeping various idols or making special altars to communicate with Loa. And so when a spell casting is performed it is the spirts of our ancestors and loved ones along with Loa the powerful spirit that are responsible for spell manifesting.


The Vodouists will try to communicate with the Loa Spirit, take their advice, many times he will allow the spirit to enter his body so that he can feel the spirit and then get the particular advice to heal all those who need help.


Voodoo Spells are very different and are said to be very strong and powerful. While Spell Casting the Vodouists will do very strong prayers and will communicate with the spirits of the family members who are dead as they are very important and are responsible for manifesting the spell along with the spirit Loa. There are many ceremonies, rituals; loud music, dancing and singing involved while spell casting. By this way the spirits enters the body of the Vodouists and controls him in such a way that the Vodouists is in a condition and position to help and guide the person for whom the spell casting is done.


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All the voodoo spells prepared by me are very safe and are always protected from Karma and negative effects of the Universe.


This is a very strong and powerful Voodoo Money Spell and it is safe to try it in your house.


You will need one dollar note. On the note with a pencil you will write your name and your date of birth.
After that take a green string and make a hole in the dollar note and with the help of the nail hang the dollar note in your bed room.

After this you will need 4 green candles. Anoint the candle with sandal oil and then light the candles. While you are lighting the candles close your eyes and concentrate hard and chant these words




Chant these words and concentrate that money is flowing in your life.

Remember you need to chant with full concentration and see that no negative thoughts are coming in your mind while spell casting.


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